Diaphragm Contraceptives As Birth Control

Why Diaphragm Contraceptives Are Much Better Than Other Birth Control Strategies

Diaphragm contraceptives are an easy obstacle device employed by ladies to prevent pregnancy. It is a rubber substance shaped like a dish that’ll be inserted into the vagina. It is placed over the cervix, stopping the sperms from entering the uterus. It is a more preferred contraception method for ladies who do not have sex more often. The diaphragm can be inserted into the vagina in preparation for sex. When worn or inserted correctly, its presence cannot be felt by the lady or her partner.

This contraception device is best used along with a spermicidal gel or cream if you’d like a better security level against from pregnancy. Regardless of the undeniable fact that there are many contraceptive tablets and methods now available, still many ladies prefer using a diaphragm contraceptive due to the various benefits associated with it.

Diaphragms: How They Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

Once you get the hang of inserting it in and removing it out, getting it out and in does not become an issue. This dish like soft substance is made from latex with spring inside the edge works when placed inside the vagina and acts as a obstacle between the cervix and impending dick. And while unprompted sex can become less than spontaneous when you must excuse yourself to insert it in, it doesn’t actually take much time or resources than putting a rubber on.

The real benefit of using diaphragm contraceptives is you never need to worry about taking a tablet daily. Its function won’t become null and void if you need to take a surprising dose of antibiotics. Compared against rubbers, the prospects of it breaking are second to none and once you insert it, you can not feel a thing apart from that sensation caused by skin to peel contact between you and your companion.
A great and often ignored benefit of this contraceptive method is that it can be your best friend when you have a period. Inserted safely up inside your cervix, it won’t just block any sperm it will nicely catch the flow of your period too, avoiding any messy sex during your period.

This is also beneficial to those ladies are who are sadly getting an allergic response to rubbers and if their body does not accept different kinds of contraception. Diaphragm contraceptive may just be the only solution for them.

Purchasing a Diaphragm For Birth Control

There are 2 main kinds of diaphragm contraceptives. The first one is a flat ring diaphragm that may be folded like an oval and simply inserted. It comes with an applicator that may make insertion far easier. The second type is a curving or coil spring diaphragm which is a bit too tough to fold and when folded, forms like an irregular circle. This can be inserted utilizing the fingers.

Today Sponge Vaginal Contraceptive Sponges. After using this diaphragm for a summer, an Amazon buyer said, “Never going back to condoms… Easy to insert, comfortable, simple to use, and much MUCH better in terms of sensitivity. No loss of sensation at all.” Six of these retail for approximately $28 on Amazon… Buy This Diaphragm HERE

Alternatively, give Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection a try! You can pick up 14 of these disposable diaphragms for around only $9! Pick some up HERE.

And to make your diaphragm even more effective, stop by Undercover Condoms HERE and pick up some Gynol contraceptive jelly to utilize with your new diaphragm.

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Our Top 3 List of The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms

–Hypoallergenic Condom– –Trojan Supra– –Lifestyles Skyn– –Natural Lamb– –Okamoto 0.02 EX–

3 Best Hypoallergenic Condoms

Why Do I Need Hypoallergenic Condoms At My Bedside?

Imagine a good looking guy and girl’s eyes meeting across a crowded room. Pupils dilate, pheromones do a tantalizing dance and heartbeats quicken. The starstruck lovers go back to her apartment, get deep into the throes of lovemaking, and suddenly the guy starts getting the equivalent of a bad hay fever attack. He’s hacking sneezes like crazy, his nose is dripping snot like a leaky faucet, it’s not a pretty sight. He’s literally having an allergic reaction to having sex with this woman… or so it appears. He’s actually allergic to the latex in the condom he strapped on.

As bad as that story sounds, the results of an onset of a latex allergy can be much worse. Skin can be come highly irritated, with nasty itching and rashes breaking out on the privates that touch the latex condom. Worse yet, your new beau has a full on entry into anaphylactic shock and can die if you don’t react properly. Like anything with sex, a little chat before hand can be helpful. But even if you ask someone in advance about latex sensitivity, you may not be safe from becoming a character in one of these terrible stories. One of the not so funny thing about allergies is, they can develop over time.

There are estimates that say ten percent of the population suffers from latex allergies. You do all the work, you finally get that sexpot you’ve been eyeing all night home, and what was looking like a Penthouse letter is now a humiliating experience. There’s a one in ten chance of that happening! So, why should you have hypoallergenic condoms at your bedside? For the sake of adding your new partner’s name to your little black book instead of saying their name to a 911 operator.

How Did Condom Island Decide What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms?

As is probably clear by now, in a latex allergy, your immune system identifies latex as a harmful substance. Having an opportunity to avoid such a reaction means we’ve always been fans of hypoallergenic condoms here at Condom Island, so we decided to do a top 3 list of the best hypoallergenic condoms.  We used review counts, ratings, and personal preference to create our list.  All ratings and review counts shown are as of the date this article was written.

Okay, So What Are the Best Hypoallergenic Condoms In The World?

So, without further ado, Condom Island’s Top 3 Hypoallergenic Condoms are:

#3–Trojan Supra–
#2 –Lifestyles Skyn–
#1 –Natural Lamb–

Check these condoms out at the links above or CLICK HERE to view our condom that just missed the cut.

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  • Big Teaze: I Rub My Duckie

    Big Teaze Toys: I Rub My Duckie & Other Favorites


    While looking for material to put in our condom cases article i ran across the big teaze toys product line. It took me a minute to realize i was looking at vibrators.. A lot of them are only slightly longer than a pen (and almost an inch wide on average… some bigger, some smaller). And they’re all on some curvy, glossy, futuristic looking type stuff.  A few of them look kinda like extra large usb sticks or something like that (their Galerie product).  NO you know what!… they look like the flashy memory thing from men in black(their Galerie product) haha (wracked my brain trying to pinpoint what these damn things reminded me of).

    Some of these have really awesome designs too, there’s a bad ass dragon design on the B3 onye galerie (shown in the image above)

    You can check out more of Big Teaze Toys B3 Onye product here

    Side Tangent: Why I’m a Fan

    I’ll make sure to post some links to some reviews for you ladies.  As a dude, I love these because they look really cool! I should buy a bunch and use ‘em to decorate my house.  This company really needs to go into soap dispenser design or something like that.

    Visit the Big Teaze Toys official web site here

    Now, Back to the products…

    Don’t Judge Me When I Rub My Duckie

    The “I Rub My Duckie” product is Big Teaze Toys premier product. Don’t let this innocent looking fowl fellow fool you, he’s actually a 3 speed “personal massager”. Seems more than a lil’ freaky that you ladies never outgrow playing with your bathroom toys! Super-Freaky! Duckie actually comes in a variation of types & outfits, which I’m assuming is part of the mass appeal. You ladies love to accessorize everything! Whatever outfit floats your… ummmm… ducky i guess. You can check the variations HERE. All in all, the I Rub My Duckie product seems REALLY popular. Rubber duckie, you are indeed the one!

    “B3 Tuyo Luxury 8-Mode Massager”

    And then there’s the “B3 Tuyo Luxury 8-Mode Massager”

    I think it would crazy, crazy sexy that is, to see a woman pull one of those out of nowhere and go to work on herself haha.  Now obviously this toy is all about surface stimulation, but it was still chuckle worthy to see it at first and think “… hmm… umm… OK… so how does she….. hmm.”.  Reviews for this product are non-existent, which leads me to believe that i wasn’t the only one with a look of confusion on their face when i first saw the product.  It would be awesome if someone who has given this one a try could throw us a review in the comments section.

    Heyyy we got a Tuyo review! I know all 3 of you who read this article have been waiting for this hehe. Thanks to Tyler from Big Teaze Toys for the reference. You can click here to read the review [kinky-world.net].

    You can buy the Big Teaze Toys B3 Tuyo Luxury 8-Mode Massager here

    I Rub My Duckie & Other Big Teaze Reviews

    I promised links to reviews for this product line, so here they are:

    Okay that should be enough to give a good idea of how each product works. As i said above the Tuyo has absolutely no reviews to be found, If you know otherwise please leave us a comment below.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Release date June 22, 2015.

    Okamoto Condoms Only 0.02!!!

    0.02 Okamoto at Amazon: $22
    0.04 Okamoto on UnderCoverCondoms.Com: $17

    A MUST TRY BUY: 0.02 Okamoto Condoms

    Okamoto Condom 0.02 EX Polyurethane 12 Pack
    Featured Product
    Okamoto 0.02 EX Polyurethane Dozen Condoms (Imported From Japan)

    Despise wearing condoms during sex but want to stay protected? In that case Okamoto condoms are for you! These condoms are incredibly thin, extra strong & will make it feel like you are not wearing a condom at all. They’ve additionally engineered away that terrible latex smell some traditional condoms suffer from. Plus the packaging looks smooth.

    The 0.02 is a 0.02mm polyurethane condom. Polyurethane is regarded for 3x stronger than rubber. The package shown to the left is the dozen piece, regular size pack but Okamoto comdoms are available in a variety of sizes and quantities. Give 0.02 a go! You’ll thank us for our advice.

    You can purchase the 0.02

    Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

    What Makes Okamoto Condoms 0.03 Amazing?

    Okamoto Condom 0.03 Real Fit 10 Pack

    Okamoto 0.03 Real Fit Gel Lube 10 Pack
    (Japan Import)


    Okamoto Condom 0.03 Hyaluronic Acid 10 Pack

    Okamoto 0.03 Hyaluronic Acid Condom 10 Pack
    Hypoallergenic – (Japan Edition)


    Okamoto Zero Zero Three series is Okamoto’s barest feeling latex condom. Okamoto Zero Zero Three are renowned for their “Real Fit” technology. Real Fit is engineered in the shape of the men’s penis. Your partner will feel YOU instead of an odd shaped sheath.

    Real Fit available for purchase

    Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

    Before you jump to a conclusion we’ll explain the question you will have now. Hyaluronic Acid comes across as something that would do major damage to your jimmy. It has “Acid” directly in the title fella!

    Don’t worry guys, reality is actually completely different than you may think. Hyaluronic Acid is a hypoallergenic water base lubricant that is unbelievably smooth especially for insertion. Pleasantly this ensures that your woman accepts you effortlessly during intercourse.

    0.03 condoms available for purchase

    Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

    Amazing Special On a Variety of Okamoto Condoms

    Okamoto Condom Variety Pack 60 Pack

    Sixty Okamoto Variety Pack! Bonanza of Great Types of Okamoto Condoms. Featuring Okamoto Beyond Seven Condoms.

    Can’t decide which condoms to try? Then why choose? Just try an Okamoto variety pack. You can try a slew of popular Okamoto condoms in one pack. The special collection includes beyond seven, beyond seven aloe, beyond seven studded, crown assorted colors & crown regular condom. Crown & Beyond Seven label condoms are renowned world wide for the top quality of latex & stunningly thin sensation.

    If You are thinking about how the condoms in this assortment pack work, you should click on testimonials on the sites below.

    Variety available for purchase

    Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

    Stylish Condom Containers

    Why You MUST Own a Condom Container

    Already gluttonously enjoying some salsa music and dark liquor at a Las Cruces nightclub, condom case cartoon I happily realized that things were progressing towards a nightcap at a lovely young thing’s apartment. I stepped behind my buddy Adriana’s bar and pulled out my wallet to make sure I had a couple condoms to keep me covered for the night.

    As I thumbed open the wallet’s inner compartment to check on the sleeve of condoms I kept stashed there, Adriana shrieked and immediately ripped them out of my grasp and in one motion tossed them into the trash. She did me quite a favor.

    Turns out the manufacturer’s packaging which condoms are sold in does little to combat the heat and moisture given off by your body, rendering your condom useless. Fortunately, Adrianna doubled the favor by handing me a fresh condom out of a stylish condom container she kept within her handbag.

    It’s critical to keep protection with you at all times, but make sure your protection has it’s own protection. Do this by purchasing a case to keep your condoms in. Then flirt with an easy mind by taking your protected protection with you when you are out and about! We’ve found some of the world’s most stylish, unobtrusive cases and posted links to purchase them below.

    Our Favorite Stylish Condom Containers

    classic condom containers

    Classic Hardware Condom Cases

    Classic Hardware will help you stay unique with their ulta-rare, highly durable & highly stylish condom cases. Retailing for thirty dollars, the Classic Hardware containers feature unique art work coated in epoxy to last the test of time. They are relatively spacious as far as condom containers go, able to safely hold 3 condoms for today’s multi-orgasmic man.

    Classic Hardware Container For MenThe cases are made with high quality steel and made in America.

    Condom containers designed for men are frustratingly rare, so it is a real treat to find that men can strut their stuff with the “Cocky” Cockatoo case.

    Classic Hardware Case For Women
    Classic Hardware has many stylish cases for women, but the most stunning is the Kukula Condom Case. Women can really show off their emotional depths with the Kukula Case, featuring the original artwork of Kukula. Her art is regarded as equal parts princess fantasy and World War II horror story.

    Classic Hardware Condom Containers are made in the dimensions 2.75 in x 2.5 in x .5 in and are available HERE

    Big Teaze Toys Condom Containers

    Big Teaze Condom Containers

    Big Teaze makes chic cases that Barney Stinson would proudly rock when suiting up. Retailing for twenty two dollars, Big Teaze condom containers are made of durable materials constructed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Polished Aluminum alloy provides a richly-colored, glossy finish that is non-porous and easily cleaned. Stainless Steel trim for enhanced beauty, distinctiveness and durability. Compact size allows for discreet storage of 2 condoms or cleaning cloth packets and a single-use size of lubricant. Styles are available that are perfect for any gender or personality in one of three gorgeous colors: black, red & pink.

    Big Teaze Condom CaseAmazon Reviewer Max B says of Big Teaze Toys Condom Containers,

    “This is so classy. I keep it in the inside pocket when i wear my suit. unbeknownst to me, women enjoy a choice. and this gives them a choice of like three different condoms.”

    Big Teaze Toys Condom Containers are available HERE

    Women’s Compact-Style Condom Containers


    For the woman with discriminating tastes, there is a wide selection of styles in condom containers available from Just In Case. All containers double as a compact- in addition to keeping your condoms fresh, you’ll find a handy mirror. This standard model Just In Case container was originally thirty dollars, but a new and improved model has been released that is retailing for only nineteen dollars!

    For the girl who has to have something a little more stylish, there is a more luxurious line of Just in Case condom compacts retailing for twenty four dollars. These compacts manage to be both incredibly cute and elegant and come in matching organza bags for an extra level of style. He’ll be wowed when he looks to his nightstand and sees that, even in something so discreet, you made a choice that radiates class.

    In addition to an extra level of style, these compacts are coated with an extra level of acrylic for yet another layer of protection. There is a color for every woman (and every woman’s handbag) including the colors Goddess Gold, Luscious Lime, Mystic Metallic, Petulant Pink and Rendezvous Red.

    Just in Case Condom Compacts are available HERE

    Just In Case: Bling Container

    bling compact condom case
    If you are a fashionista searching for the ultra-chic high end container that Carrie Bradshaw would keep inside her Christian Louboutin handbag, the top of the line Just In Case: Bling Compact is for you. Made with ultra-fine Swarovski Crystals, the Just In Case Bling container retails for $200.

    Blink Compact Condom Container
    Just in Case BLING Compacts are available HERE

    New From: $18.75 In Stock

    Smell Great For Your Date: For Men

    Jump To: I’m a Guy and You Want Met to Smell Like LAVENDER!!? Recommended Products, Shower Tips, Bathroom Mirror Tips, Laundry Tips.

    A Head-to-Toe Shower-to-Door Scent Guide for Men.

    Most men are aware. Smell bad and you won’t get laid. Yet not enough men use common sense to look the other way when crossing the olfactory road. Go the extra mile in smelling great, one of the few things you can do to actually buy sex appeal.

    smell great for your dateYou don’t have to do bicep curls, you don’t have to drive a fancy car, you just have to spend your time in the bathroom using the proper products and you’ll have an unfair advantage and dominate over guys who get the scent game wrong or ignore it all together. In other words . . . Smell great, get laid.

    Let’s Get Wet: What Do In The Shower To Smell Great

    Before hopping in, you want to to trim & smooth your nails & clean the dirt out. Once you do, there’ll be a little layer of funky smell where your nails were covering your skin, so its important to trim first so you can wash this away.

    If you shave before your date, which is smart, beware the aftershave. It tends to smell cheap and makes your kisses taste like tin foil. If you have to, make sure you apply after shave before your shower so you can rinse it off. Better yet, give yourself a better shave that doesn’t cause so much irritation.

    Wet your face with warm water a full minute before you shave, and really work in your shaving gel to allow it to moisten the skin & hair and wet it lightly again before you start shaving. Use a great razor like Gillette Fusion Pro Glide. After shaving, try applying Loreal Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster to the just shaved areas. Follow up your shower with a simple facial moisturizer like Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion and you’ll put. I know these aren’t exactly scent related steps, but if it keeps you from putting on aftershave before your date I’ve bettered your odds at getting laid tonight.

    shampoo for menStart with your shampoo, Head & Shoulders is perfect as it really tackles scalp health and any smells that might be hiding there.

    moisturizer for menOnce you’re well shampooed, throw conditioner in your hair… and I mean everywhere. Head, beard, moustache, chest & privates. Be really careful when choosing conditioner, as this is an easy place to pick up really funky scents. Again, Head & Shoulders is safe. But if you want an absolutely slam dunk incredible conditioner that is scented conditioner for menwith perfect levels of essential oils, order some Bioinfusion conditioner. In addition to having you smelling perfect, the stuff really softens, moisturizes and adds a healthy glow to your hair and is a miracle worker for facial hair. Make sure you leave your conditioner in until you are ready to get out the shower for maximum effect.

    organic soap for menTo toe the line between being conservative and smelling incredible, try Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Bar Soap. Dr Bronner’s Bar Soap is awesome, as you can see from the consistent 5 star reviews on Amazon. Dr. Bronner’s Soap is also available in liquid form but the liquid is slightly less awesome.

    I’m not a huge proponent of body sprays, because you don’t want to smell like a fruit salad or a 14 year old. axe gel for grownup menSo, I DON’T endorse the following company or even this scent beyond one special product- Axe Dark Temptations Shower Gel is TREMENDOUS. Absolutely the perfect shower gel to use to get clean for your date.

    better smelling feet for menTake a pumice stone to your feet, removing stinky dead skin from the underneath and sides of your foot and toes and gently going over the edges of your toes where you recently clipped.

    Now rinse & towel off.

    Master of the Odorverse: Steps In To Smelling Great Before Getting Dressed.

    The following should be applied immediately after towling off, and best done while still in the shower. It is perfectly fine to still be wet while you apply, as this stuff will work to suck up the last of the moisture.

    Get The Stink Out Of Your Feet

    You can have the stinkiest feet in the world, little piggies that make your guy friend wretch when you kick off your shoes after a pick-up game of basketball… But you’ll never hear a complaint from a woman if you follow these steps.

    Start with your feet, as you want them to be good and dry well in advance of putting on your socks. powder to remove odor from mens feetPut a little lotion on your toenails and heel and spread it around, this will help your feet soften and prevent blisters when they are crammed into your shoes. Sprinkle some Derman Relaxing Blue Lavender powder on the soles of your feet and really work it all over, especially in between your toes. A dab of this inside your socks is a pretty swell idea also.

    Get Your Hairy Areas, Armpits, Knob & Bollocks Smelling Good

    These are the areas that can do the most damage to a date, at various stages, so don’t skimp on the attention you pay to them.

    Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort is the most underused tool in good hygiene. It is talc free, smooths into your skin easily and keeps you smelling amazing for a looong time. We used to use this stuff in the Army when we were in situations where we couldn’t shower for a week & we’d make it a good 72 body powder for good smelling menhours before the scent got beyond gold bond’s control. Its important to use this particular product and not just any Gold Bond product, as it smells the most pleasant and won’t leave your privates feeling overstimulated. Really smooth the stuff in to anywhere you’ve got body hair or strong scents. Be liberal with it on your armpits, just be sure you really smooth it in there and onto the hairs. It’s a great boost for your deoderant. Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort is also great as extra odor control on your feet and the chamomile nicely compliments the lavender if you feel like applying another layer of powder down there.

    All Over, Things To Spread Head To Toe To Smell Good

    Allright, so you’ve got your knight’s mail on, ready to go to battle against smell. Consider these extra all-over steps putting your armour on over the mail.

    baby powder for menOnce you’ve applied the above, you want to apply a very light layer of Lavender Baby Powder all over, including the areas you’ve already hit. Lavender scent in powder is important because you want to add a smell of soft freshness, not a fresh diaper.

    Once you’ve done this, add a layer of simple moisturizer to smooth out the talky texture. The more moisturizer for menexotic/expensive the moisturizer, the WORSE it is for this your date. More expensive moisturizers tend to have odd smells and textures and can get clumpy. The perfect moisturizer is Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion. In fact, if you’re doubtful, just use petroleum jelly skin protectant. Whatever you use, be sure you really work it into your skin and wipe off with a towel.

    A little vanilla lotion smoothed onto your biceps, triceps & abs is a nice touch but be very light with it. vanilla lotion for menSmelling strongly of vanilla is a gamble, but her smelling a light touch of it when she leans on your shoulder or is working her way down your chest is a win.

    Now let’s get some underwear on you crazy naked man you!!

    Deodorant & Cologne For Men

    Good deodorant and cologne are a great asset, but bad deodorant and cologne can end your date with a quickness.

    good cologne for menOf all the colognes I’ve worn, only one has gotten me a compliment literally EVERY time I’ve worn it. Kenneth Cole Black becomes sensually darker as time goes on. It’s masculine but not musk, the perfect cologne for your date.

    While Kenneth Cole black is the best scent for highlighting masculinity, you may want to go with paris hilton for mensomething a little more metrosexual, something with a touch of fruit and/or flowers. This is hard to do while staying safe, but a pair of great colognes that toe the line between masculinity and softer undertones are made by, of all people Paris Hilton! I know I am embarrassed whenever women rave and ask what type of cologne I am wearing, but the fact that I keep receiving these compliments makes me keep buying Paris Hilton cologne! The paris hilton just me for men“Just Me” variation of Paris Hilton is darker and more ideal for the club whereas the cologne simply titled Paris Hilton is sunny and ideal for morning/coffee dates and daily use at work & gym.

    Both of these colognes are very strong, so you’ll want to apply them gently. I recommend, while you are still in only your undershirt & underwear, ONE spray from about two feet away while, directed downwards towards the small of your back. Once you are dressed, spray one or two sprays from about two feet away down the back of your pants in the direction of your feet. The idea is, when you walk by to leave an intriguing trail of scent. DON’T apply more than three sprays and DON’T apply to your chest/neck area. You don’t want to overwhelm her when she leans in to your chest. As a teenager I was taught to put some cologne, every time you take a bite to eat, take a phone call or scratch your chin you’ll drown yourself in cologne… don’t put cologne on your wrists fellas.

    best deodorant for menFor deoderant, accept no substitute for Mitchum. I’m telling you, I’ve tried everything on the market and nothing comes close. Its comfortable, it just takes a little, its generally odorless and it does the job. When they say “so effective you can skip a day,” its legit! Become a mitchum man and never look back.

    Getting Your Head & Mouth To Smell Great

    There shouldn’t be a symphony of scents when your date kisses you, so aside from what goes on inside your mouth, leave the added scents to the neck down.

    As far as hygiene goes, start with a little mouthwash of your choice, I have never met a bad toothpaste for menmouthwash. Whatever you choose, rather than wetting your toothbrush with water, wet the bristles with your mouthwash! Toothpaste is important, simple and minty like Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste. Stay away from the major brand names for your pre-date brushing as they tend to get liberal with chemicals that leave awful smells in a few hours. Don’t forget to give your tongue a good scrub, many nasty germs hang out there to throw a stinky cheese party.

    For lip balm, something with beeswax and mint is the way to go. This combination will leave a light chapstick for great kissing for mentingle when you kiss her and go down on her. Your lips will literally feel electric. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is perfect. Don’t go crazy with it, if you want a little extra moisture just smooth some petroleum jelly on your lips. While you are at it, smooth some jelly on your teeth and wipe off with a piece of toilet paper- this will make your smile extra sheen and your teeth extra smooth.

    For God’s sake, chew gum!!! I know there’s a segment of the population who finds gum repulsive, but you know who those people are? People with stinky breath who you don’t want to be kissing! Seriously, if someone is turned off by gum then you should realize you’ve been given a red flag that this is a person with an oral aversion!!! I don’t have to know you to know that you want someone with an oral fixation, not an oral aversion!

    Eclipse sugar-free gum is pretty much the perfect gum. Eclipse gum lasts a long time, holds its texture, and it doesn’t take much to get the job done.

    Adding a stick of fruit or cinamon gum to your mint gum is fine if you want to add an accented mints for mensweetness to your breath, but both for the sake of retaining freshness and adding additional sexual stimulation when you go down, you should use a mint based gum. Adding a mint, either fruit or mint flavored, into your gum will really kick it up a notch and help the flavor last extra long.

    Related note: How To Get Great Smelling Laundry For Men

    laundry additives for menDon’t go crazy on a scented detergent, you really want something that is going to take the smells of your dirty laundry out before you start focusing on getting it smelling good. Tide w color safe bleach is ideal.

    fabric softener for menOnce the water gets going, add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil, Downy Simple Pleasures Lavender Serenity laundry softener and Downy Lush Unstoppables Laundry additive. To save a little dough and keep the smell of your clothing consistent, wet a washcloth and work in a small amoutn of Downy Simple Pleasures Lavender Serenity softener and use that as your dryer sheet.

    Allow me to Introduce Your New Best Friends- Lavender & Vanilla.

    Lavender and vanilla scents have an incredible ability to reduce anxiety in people, especially women. lavender for menNo matter how confident a woman you are dating, she’s going to be a bit nervous, so set her at ease with these smells. Check out this post from Psychology Today on the impact of lavender.

    I really want to hammer that home before I get started, because I know men naturally will shy away vanilla for menfrom the purple containers that lavender scented products are kept in. Huge mistake, you’re avoiding probably the easiest psychological tool in your dating arsenal for easing a woman’s concerns.

    That’s all… Hope you found something new and useful in there, please find the products mentioned above in these expanded posts:


    Products Mentioned Above and where to find them:

    L’Oreal Men’s Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster

    Amazon Customer C. Forbes says about L’Oreal Men’s Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster, Started using the full line of Loreal men’s products and within a few weeks, people have started commenting on how good my skin looks.

    Paris Hilton Cologne

    Amazon Customer Remixx Mixx says, “My girl calls this the “come f*** me cologne”. That should say enough.”

    Paris Hilton “Just Me” Cologne

    Amazon Customer Scorpio L.C. says,
    “I’m always embarrassed to tell people this is a Paris Hilton scent so I just stopped telling them. I’m amazed at how long the scent lasts and how reasonably priced it is as well. The reactions I have gotten have all been positive. Many of my female colleagues even stop by my desk just so they can smell me. My scent is usually a topic of conversation which makes me a target of their flirtation.”

    Kenneth Cole Black

    Amazon customer GQ says, “This cologne definitely ups your sex appeal. You will be turning heads while you wear this, making hunnies wanna get in a lil closer.”

    Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Lavender Bar Soap

    Amazon customer L. Post says, “I have had a love affair with this soap from the first time I tried it around 10 years . . . The scent is heavenly, the lathering wonderful and yet the soap is so gentle, rinses clean and is not drying.”

    Gillette Fusion Pro Glide

    Amazon customer The Zonian says about Gillette Fusion Pro Glide, “A MUST have for the styling guy. If I could shave with both hands at the same time…I would buy two of them.”

    Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion

    Amazon Customer Teresa Tio says of Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion, “I have sensitive skin and it is difficult to find this in my local stores . . . It’s good stuff, keeps me moisturized and doesn’t do terrible things to my skin.”

    Head & Shoulders (Shampoo)

    Amazon Customer Jay says of the impact of Head & Shoulders Shampoo, “I never thought this shampoo would do anything. Well I was wrong after few weeks of user scalp is in great condition!”

    < class="gray" a target="blank" href="http://www.amazon.com/review/R36RJ64BSPY21A/?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B003AVNO5O&nodeID=&tag=abscrafter-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957">Head & Shoulders (Conditioner)

    Amazon Customer Steve B says of Head & Shoulders Conditioner, “It works well for my dandruff, and it smells pleasant.”

    Bioinfusion conditioner

    Amazon Customer Rico raves about Bioinfusion conditioner, I like the fact that with my thining hair it seems not to be harsh on what hair I have left! I have used this product in the past and because I swear by the vendors and Amazon, I ordered the conditioner.

    Axe Dark Temptations

    Amazon customer Rodney J Warner says regarding Axe Dark Temptations, “I love the smell of this, not too strong . . . I always get told how good I smell, can’t go wrong with this.”

    Natural Sierra Pumice Stone

    Derman Deodorant Powder Relaxing Blue Lavender Scent

    Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort

    Amazon customer Nancy Wirkkala says on the topic of Gold Bond Ultimate Body Powder, “This is the silkiest powder I have ever used. I also like the fact that it has no talc. I was afraid to use it because I didn’t care for the smell of the other Gold Bond products (too much of a medicine smell) but this is pleasant.”

    Lavender Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

    Amazon customer Aragorn Dent says about grown folks using Lavender Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, “…it’s equally good for grownups. Grownups too want to feel fresh and comfortable and Baby Powder can address that need . . . Used after the morning shower it keeps me fresh for most of the rest of the day and my skin seems to tolerate it quite well even though it is discretely fragrant.”

    Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion

    Amazon customer Susan L. Methvin boasts about Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion, I’m a lotion addict and this is my favorite lotion of all time.

    Raw Vanilla All Purpose Lotion for Men

    Mitchum Anti-Persperant

    Amazon customer L.Ferreira stands by Mitchum Deoderant, “A deodorant that actually WORKS ! . . It has no scent but it keeps me dry & fresh ALL day.”

    Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

    Amazon customer B Steele endorses Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm by saying, “Our family was introduced to Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm by a commercial beekeeper several years ago. It quickly became our favorite, and now, it’s the ONLY lip balm we purchase. It beats the fake-flavored lip balms hands down.”

    Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste

    Amazon customer David Desso says of the flavor of Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste, “I am a fan of minty freshness. If you are, you should get this toothpaste. It makes you look forward to brushing.”

    Eclipse Polar Ice Gum

    Amazon customer Brian King says about Eclipse Polar Ice Gum, “This gum is delicious, and this packaging allows me to eat it at my desk and in my car without depleting my gum reserves for my pocket.”

    Ice Breakers Duo Mint

    Amazon customer Kurt Johnson testifies about the flavor of Ice Breakers Mints saying, I thought that these little candies are great, and love snacking on them on my long drive home. Get them!

    Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant

    Amazon customer Wood Wren says about the many uses of Petroleum Jelly Skin Protectant, “Skin moisturizer, first aide, treatment for eczema, lubricant for many, many things, art work, skin protection in cold weather while hiking and the list goes on. I even use this on the wire holding my hummingbird feeders as it keep the ants out of the feeders.”

    Downy Simple Pleasures Serenity

    Amazon customer Tylla Wolf says about using Downy Simple Pleasures Serenity for men’s clothes,“I personally prefer Downy Spice Blossom Dare, but it might be too ‘perfume-y’ for my husband. So for his clothes, as well as bed sheets and towels, I use this Lavender Serenity. Clothes are really soft and everybody in my house loves the smell”

    Downy Lush Unstoppables Laundry Additive

    Amazon customer says about Downy Lush Unstoppables Laundry Additive, ” I love how my clothes and sheets hold the smell for several days. I love to walk into my bedroom and it smells so clean and fresh!”

    Vanilla Essential Oil

    Amazon customer Jazmine Bennett says of Vanilla Essential Oil, “If you love vanilla, you will love this essential oil!”

    Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

    Amazon customer Amy A says about Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil, A true lavender scent and as with all Lavenders a MUST HAVE in any aromatherapists’ repertoire.

    Release date March 31, 2013.

    Jato Isotonic Lubricant For Gentler Lubrication

    Isotonic Lubricant from Jato is a Lubricant for People With Latex Allergies

    Jato Isotonic Lubricant For Gentler Lubrication

    The special Isotonic formula of this product is perfect for post-menopausal women and lovers with other medical concerns such as those undergoing cancer treatment. Jato is perfect for people who find themselves irritated or in pain from other lubricants. The reason the Isotonic formula is superior is that it better matches the cells of the body and avoids the harsh damage from unnatural lubricants which are used as a weird buffer during sex that can lead to friction and oxygen damage rather than enhancing your natural state.

    Buy Jato from Amazon HERE.

    Jato Isotonic Lubricant is a Lubricant for Those With Latex Allergies

    In addition to using chemicals such as latex that cause irritation in a large number of the population, common lubricants tend to have a lot of salt and high ion levels that lead to aggravation of sensitive cells during sex. Jato is scientifically designed to avoid exactly these sorts of issues. As if being safer and better feeling wasn’t incentive enough to give this terrific product a try, it also lacks the sickening smell that is associated with many lubricants.

    Purchase Jato at Amazon HERE.

    Jato Isotonic Lubricant For Less $$$!

    Right now, you will keep 25% when purchasing Jato Lubricant Twin Packs. As if that wasn’t enough you will receive no cost shipping on orders over $35. This discount is available from Pink Apple HERE.

    The Pink Apple coupon good thru The End of August 2012.

    If you have more questions about this product, visit the Jato website HERE.

    You can also purchase Jato from Amazon for a suggested price of Seventeen Dollars plus shipping:

    List Price: $18.71 USD

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