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For any of you who desire sliding pictures, we have thrown the people’s three preferred hypoallergenic turkey neck tourniquets list into a movie for your pleasure:

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Best Hypoallergenic Condoms: Okamoto 0.02

Purchase Okamoto 0.02 EX Polyurethane From Amazon: $22 Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

Hypoallergenic Condom Nominees: –Trojan Supra–
–Lifestyles Skyn– –Natural Lamb–
–Okamoto 0.02 EX–

What People Who Use Them Say About
Okamoto Zero Zero Two Condoms

Almost The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms

They feel significantly thinner than latex condoms do, and the thinness means it requires a little practice at putting them on. Users also say it’s difficult to find in the United States, so it’s good to purchase these condoms online. They note that these Okamoto condoms cost more than your typical condoms, but it’s well worth it because it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

Nearly all reviewers of both genders agree on this count, saying these condoms are fare superior to latex and give you the same feeling as if you were having sex without a goalie. People who have experienced the zero zero two condom also note that it lacks the plastic smell of latex condoms. One customer rattled off a list of the different upscale condoms he had tried said, “Finally, This is it.”

Out of twelve ratings taken from a combination of three retailers, Okamoto Condoms received a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating.

Amazon Customer Reviews Of The Okamoto Zero Zero Zero

Why “Honorable Mention” For Okamoto Zero Zero Two Hypoallergenic Condoms?

Condom Island didn’t want to complete a rankings of the best latex free condoms without mentioning the Okamoto 0.02 EX polyurethane condom. According to many retailers Okamoto is the #1 selling condom in Japan. These condoms are ultra thin, and Okamoto boasts of the zero zero two being the world’s thinnest polyurethane condom. This line of Okamoto condoms is regarded as being extra strong while making it feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Plus the packaging of these condoms looks really cool. The Zero Zero Two is a 0.02mm polyurethane condom. Okamoto claims this substance is 3x stronger than rubber. Despite all the amazing things Condom Island has read about these condoms, they were disqualified from the runnings because there aren’t enough reviews out there to rank them properly. That being said, the few reviews that are out there are almost all good. Anyway they caught our eye, so if anyone has any experience with these condoms please let us know in the comments below.

Purchase Okamoto 0.02 EX Polyurethane
Okamoto Zero Zero Two
From Amazon: $22
Purchase Okamoto Condoms From Amazon

What About The Highly Regarded Hypoallergenic Condoms Durex Avanti Bare?

Avanti almost made the cut, but missed out because lifestyles skyn, the Avanti Bare’s main competitor, is better priced. In fact, half the price, with a six pack of Durex Avanti retailing for seven dollars while a twelve pack of Lifestyles Skyn retail for 7. In addition to the price disparity, the Lifestyles Skyn also received slightly better reviews from people who have used them. And yet, they still managed an overall rating right there with our number one hypoallergenic condom . . .

Purchase Avanti Bare Condoms from Condom Depot

To Find Out Who Was #3 Amongst The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms Click Here.

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  • Our Top 3 List of The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms

    –Hypoallergenic Condom– –Trojan Supra– –Lifestyles Skyn– –Natural Lamb– –Okamoto 0.02 EX–

    3 Best Hypoallergenic Condoms

    Why Do I Need Hypoallergenic Condoms At My Bedside?

    Imagine a good looking guy and girl’s eyes meeting across a crowded room. Pupils dilate, pheromones do a tantalizing dance and heartbeats quicken. The starstruck lovers go back to her apartment, get deep into the throes of lovemaking, and suddenly the guy starts getting the equivalent of a bad hay fever attack. He’s hacking sneezes like crazy, his nose is dripping snot like a leaky faucet, it’s not a pretty sight. He’s literally having an allergic reaction to having sex with this woman… or so it appears. He’s actually allergic to the latex in the condom he strapped on.

    As bad as that story sounds, the results of an onset of a latex allergy can be much worse. Skin can be come highly irritated, with nasty itching and rashes breaking out on the privates that touch the latex condom. Worse yet, your new beau has a full on entry into anaphylactic shock and can die if you don’t react properly. Like anything with sex, a little chat before hand can be helpful. But even if you ask someone in advance about latex sensitivity, you may not be safe from becoming a character in one of these terrible stories. One of the not so funny thing about allergies is, they can develop over time.

    There are estimates that say ten percent of the population suffers from latex allergies. You do all the work, you finally get that sexpot you’ve been eyeing all night home, and what was looking like a Penthouse letter is now a humiliating experience. There’s a one in ten chance of that happening! So, why should you have hypoallergenic condoms at your bedside? For the sake of adding your new partner’s name to your little black book instead of saying their name to a 911 operator.

    How Did Condom Island Decide What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Condoms?

    As is probably clear by now, in a latex allergy, your immune system identifies latex as a harmful substance. Having an opportunity to avoid such a reaction means we’ve always been fans of hypoallergenic condoms here at Condom Island, so we decided to do a top 3 list of the best hypoallergenic condoms.  We used review counts, ratings, and personal preference to create our list.  All ratings and review counts shown are as of the date this article was written.

    Okay, So What Are the Best Hypoallergenic Condoms In The World?

    So, without further ado, Condom Island’s Top 3 Hypoallergenic Condoms are:

    HONORABLE MENTION: –Okamoto 0.02 EX–
    #3–Trojan Supra–
    #2 –Lifestyles Skyn–
    #1 –Natural Lamb–

    Check these condoms out at the links above or CLICK HERE to view our condom that just missed the cut.

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