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June Special on KY Jelly Lubricants!!! (coupon)

Undercover Condoms is running a special,
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on KY Jelly Lubricants.

Take advantage of this limited time offer and you can stock up on a full pound of original KY Jelly Lubricant for only TWENTY DOLLARS!!!

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Once there, you can see more of the outstanding KY Lubricant Products that you can save on utilizing these coupons, scroll below the product description and check out the KY products mentioned in the “Look For Similar Products” section. Or by clicking “Lubricants,” then “K-Y Lubricants” on the left side menu.

These coupons expire on 06/31/12.

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Release date January 7, 2009.

Okamoto and Other Japanese Condoms!!!

Undercover Condoms has incredible condoms
imported from Japan!

This inventory includes Okamoto Condoms, frequently offered with savings up to 25%!!! Several of these outstanding condoms, including the beyond seven and beyond seven aloe, have 5 star ratings from a multitude of ratings.

Why You’ll Love Japanese Condoms

Japanese condoms are engineered with different standards and desires in mind. While American condom manufacturers tend to focus on tough latex condoms, Japanese condom engineers focus heavily on using soothing natural products such as aloe to promote a more pleasurable experience before and after sex. Also, Japanese condoms strive to be the thinnest in the world while remaining competitive for strength and durability.

Click here or on your favorite Japanese condom below to go to the Undercover Condoms Japanese condom selection.

If you’d like to learn more about Okamoto Condoms then click on the following image to see the Condom Island article on Okamoto Condoms:

New From: $587.25 In Stock

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